Smiggin Holes Resort Information

Have you ever wondered where the name Smiggin Holes comes from? The name is actually Scottish and was the term used to describe the holes in the land created by hundreds of cattle when accessing rock salt left out for them by graziers. It's that simple.

The Smiggins that we know today now has excellent terrain for our beginner guests and families with a bowl where everyone returns to the same place when finishing their runs. Smiggins is protected from the weather and has a variety of restaurants and lodging options for guests. Smiggins has easy access to Perisher Valley and then on to Blue Cow or Guthega for those ready to explore our four resort areas. 

Smiggins is loved by many locals because it provides something for all skills levels, from the beginners who have never seen snow before, through to the experienced looking for the fresh snow. With a mixture of Green and Blue runs including Plummer's, Wood Run and Racecourse, there really is something for everyone.

Driving to Smiggins is a 30 minute drive from Jindabyne Town Centre. This is a great way to see our beautiful landscape and get some pretty spectacular views of Jindabyne on the way up. There is a car park that is available for day use only and then you just walk from your car right onto the snow. If you're driving up to Smiggins, keep in mind that you're legally required to carry properly fitting chains in any vehicle other than 4WD's within the National Park. 

The other option is to jump on board the Skitube at Bullocks Flat and then catch the free shuttle bus from the Perisher Skitube building directly to Smiggins.