Things To Do In Selwyn

The Snowflake Tube Park is a lot of fun and one of the must do snow activities at Selwyn. The park is setup right next to the Toboggan Slope and very close to facilities and the Selwyn Car Park. Tubers get to show the tobogganers how to slide down the hill in style and most of the time at double the speed! 

The Tube follows along a snowall which dives straight down the hill and then takes a right hand turn to a smooth stop. Once you are at the bottom, just head over to our lift attendant who will get you to sit back in your tube and he will attach it to the lift that will pull you back up to the top.


Tobogganing is a fun and simple way to enjoy the snow, We supply you with a toboggan upon entry to the park, but you can bring your own as long as it meets NPWS regulations, if it is a hard plastic moulded toboggan we can allow it into our park.

At Selwyn we have a toboggan slope suited for the activity. Located right next to the Tube Park, resort facilities and the Selwyn Car Park, it is the perfect place to set up and slide for the day. The groomers make sure the run is spick and span each morning and snow guns are setup to supply man made snow to both the Tube Park and Toboggan Park.

Our Mini Terrain Park is the best place to learn how to ride freestyle terrain. It is not daunting and the features are small, which will help you gain confidence and learn basic tricks. The Mini Terrain Park is located off to the side of the New Chum Bowl and can be set up differently depending on snow conditions, after heavy snowfalls we usually set up more rollers and jumps for kids to ski or board over! Riding in The Mini Terrain Park is free for anyone with a Lift Pass.