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Mt Buller offers self contained, lodge style and hotel accommodation. Accommodation in Mt Buller is fantastic for families as it is only 3hrs from Melbourne. There is limited parking at Mt Buller - over snow transport will take you and your luggage to your accommodation.

Mt Buller Mountain Statistics  
Summit Height: 1805m
Total Number of Lifts: 22
Total Number of Runs: 41
Longest Run: 2.5km
Terrain: Beginner 25%
  Intermediate 45%
  Advanced 30%
Skiable Area: 263ha
Features: 3 terrain parks


For those looking for experiences away from their skis; the fun continues with Snow shoeing, Tobogganing and Snow tubing, while facilities off the slopes includes Australia's Highest cinema, an alpine spa retreat, the National Alpine Museum and an indoor sports complex

Mt Buller Snow Guarantee

The Snow Guarantee is provided by Buller Ski Lifts and participating Mt Buller accommodation providers. It's a money-back guarantee on all prepaid accommodation, lift ticket, rental and lesson packages and it applies if insufficient snow cover means we don't have at least four of our 'Snow Guarantee' lifts operating in the two days before your scheduled arrival.

How does it work?

If our Snow Guarantee lifts (see the list below) aren't operating in the two days before you arrive, you can contact your booking agent to change your booking to a later date or cancel your booking and get your money back. Please note: You can't take advantage of the Snow Guarantee on the day you arrive nor during your stay, only up to 5pm on the day before you arrive.

As an example, if your scheduled day of arrival is Sunday, then you must call between 9am Friday and 5pm Saturday to take advantage of the guarantee.

Snow Guarantee lifts

The Snow Guarantee applies if we don't have at least four of the following lifts operating, which cover a wide range of beginner and intermediate terrain:

  • Blue Bullet Express
  • ABOM Express (6 seater)

    Plus any two of the following lifts:

  • Wombat
  • Shakey Knees
  • Skyline T-bar
  • Koflers T- bar
  • Summit
  • Howqua
  • Bonza
  • Northside Express
  • Exclusions

Note: The Snow Guarantee only applies if the lifts aren't operating due to insufficient snow cover.

It doesn't apply where the lifts aren't operating due to following:
Lift closure due to weather conditions other than insufficient snow, e.g. wind or ice;
Lift closure due to mechanical breakdowns or equipment failure.

Mount Buller Lift Tickets 2017

Please find below Winter 2017 Mount Buller Lift Ticket, Ski Lesson and Children's Program pricing. Rates are correct at time of publishing however may be subject to change and package discounting, so always check with one of our friendly consultants when purchasing your Mt Buller snow holiday accommodation package.

  • Low Season: 10 - 30 June and 4 September - 2 October
  • Peak Season: 1 July - 3 September
  • Tertiary: Tertiary students must provide a valid ID card or proof of full time study
  • Child Age: 5-18 yrs
  • Group Lesson times: 2 hour duration (regular lessons available only in the afternoon)
  Low Season Peak Season
 Lift Only Adult Tertiary Child Adult Tertiary Child
 2 consecutive days 179 144 102 253 203 143
 3 consecutive days 249 200 140 354 284 198
4 consecutive days 317 254 173 450 361 245
 5 consecutive days 366 293 201 520 417


6 consecutive days 366 293 201 520 417 285
 7 consecutive days 366 293 201 520 417



Adult & Buller Kids (15-18yrs)

Adult Tertiary Child Adult Tertiary Child
*Discover Lift & Lesson Pass
2 lessons in 2 days 210 181 132 298 256 187
2 lessons in 3 days 286 241 175 406 342 248
3 lessons in 4 days 374 322 242 532 458 344
3 lessons in 5 days 418 356 268 595 507 380
3 lessons in 6 days 418 356 268 595 507 380
4 lessons in 7 days 418 356 268 595 507 380


Adult & Buller Teen (15-18yrs)

Adult Tertiary Ten Adult Tertiary Child
Lift and Regular AM Lesson
2 lessons in 2 days 260 228 177 369 324 250
2 lessons in 3 days 332 291 214 472 413 303
3 lessons in 4 days 425 373 293 605 531 417
3 lessons in 5 days 469 408 319 668 581 454
3 lessons in 6 days 469 408 319 668 581 454
4 lessons in 7 days 469 408 319 668 581 454


Adult & Buller Teen (15-18yrs) Adult Tertiary Teen Adult Tertiary Child
Lift and Regular PM Lesson
2 lessons in 2 days 237 210 157 337 298 222
2 lessons in 3 days 292 249 175 415 353 248
3 lessons in 4 days 390 340 249 555 483 353
3 lessons in 5 days 425 369 265 605 525 377
3 lessons in 6 days 425 369 265 605 525 377
4 lessons in 7 days 425 369 265 605 525 377


Lift and Lesson Pricing

Your lift pass provides you with access up to 22 lifts and enables you to use Mt Buller's half-pipe, rails and terrain parks. *Discover lift and lesson allow restricted lift access for the first two days only, after this time it become a full access pass.

    Children's Programs (Ski School)

    Mt Bullers children's programs include Buller Bunyips for 3-6 year olds, and Buller Kids for 7-14 year olds.

    • Half Day morning program is 9:30am - 1pm and includes lift ticket, lessons, lunch and refreshments and activities.
    • Half Day afternoon program is 1pm - 3:30pm and includes lift ticket, lessons, refreshments and activities.
    • Full Day program is 9:30am - 3:30pm and includes lift ticket, lessons, lunch and refreshments and activities.
    • Helmets are compulsory for all children's programs & ski school
      Low Season Peak Season
    Buller Kids (7-14 Years)    
    2 full days N/A 329
    3 full days N/A 481
    4 full days N/A 609
    5 full days N/A 736
    6 full days N/A 736
    7 full days N/A 736


    Half Day Programs    
    2 half days (am) N/A 267
    2 half days (pm) N/A 202
    3 half days (am) N/A 394
    3 half days (pm) N/A 300
    4 half days (am) N/A 511
    4 half days (pm) N/A 391
    5 half days (am) N/A 630
    5 half days (pm) N/A 481
    6 half days (pm) N/A 630
    6 half days (pm) N/A 481
    7 half days (am) N/A 630
    7 half days (pm) N/A 462


      Low Season Peak Season
    Bunyips (3-6 Years)    
    2 full days N/A 329
    3 full days N/A 481
    4 full days N/A 609
    5 full days N/A 736
    6 full days N/A 736
    7 full days N/A 736


    Half Day Programs    
    2 half days (am) N/A 267
    2 half days (pm) N/A 202
    3 half days (am) N/A 394
    3 half days (pm) N/A 300
    4 half days (am) N/A 511
    4 half days (pm) N/A 391
    5 half days (am) N/A 630
    5 half days (pm) N/A 481
    6 half days (pm) N/A 630
    6 half days (pm) N/A 481
    7 half days (am) N/A 630
    7 half days (pm) N/A 481


    Mt Buller Equipment Hire 2017

    Buller Sports has the largest stock of skis, snowboards, boots, clothing and all the accessories you may need, with multiple outlets on the mountain and in Mansfield to make collection and drop off hassle free. Buller Sports offers the added convenience of same price ski/board hire making swapping simple if needed throughout your stay. Helmets are included in all children's packages and helmets are compulsory for all children (under 18) participating in any ski and snowboard school program.

    Many hotels and lodges have in house ski hire shops and the friendly Ski 'n Save staff can package this in with your accommodation to make your holiday as easy as possible.

      2 Days 3 Days 5 Days 7 Days
    Adult Child Adult Child Adult Child Adult Child
    Standard Ski/Snowboard Package (Standard) 104 74 120 94 151 117 181 131
    Standard Ski/Snowboard Only (Standard) 82 68 92 87 112 107 132 121
    Executive Ski/Snowboard Package Hire 128 N/A 148 N/A 184 N/A 209 N/A
    Executive Ski/Snowboard Only 107 N/A 128 N/A 163 N/A 188 N/A
    Jacket & Pants 70 57 82 65 92 75 102 85
    Booking Notes:
    • Credit Card required to secure all equipment hire
    • 4 and 6 day packages available - please ask your friendly consultant today
    • Children up to 18 years!
    • Standard Hire/Executive Hire includes: Skis, Boots and Poles or Snowboard and Boots
    • All adult & child packages include free Helmet.


    Driving to Mt Buller

    Mt Buller is located 248km from Melbourne via Mansfield. Mansfield is the closest town to Mt Buller, and you can stop here to collect tyre chains and groceries (if required) before you drive up the mountain. From Mansfield, Mt Buller resort entry gates are around 20 minutes drive, then a further 20 minutes will have you arriving at the overnight car parking area. As there is no fuel in Mt Buller, it is a good idea to fill up before you leave Mansfield.

    Travel Distances: Distances are based on the most direct route.

    From To Mt Buller
    Brisbane     1517km
    Sydney         749km
    Melbourne     248km
    Canberra      492km

    Mt Buller Resort Entry

    When you arrive at the base of Mt Buller, you will need to stop at the resort entry gate. If you have not pre-purchased your resort entry online, you can pay as you pass through the gate. The Resort Entry point is staffed at the following times:

    Monday to Thursday - 7am-9pm
    Friday – 7am-midnight
    Saturday & Sunday – 7am-10pm

    If you arrive outside these times, follow the signs up the mountain and park where indicated, then during office hours go to Alpine Central to pay for your resort entry.

    Resort Entry pricing for 2017 is $45 per day if purchased online, or $48 per day at the gate

    Snow Chains

    All vehicles accessing Mt Buller or staying overnight in the resort must carry tyre chains by law. Chains can be hired from a number of outlets in Mansfield – specific chains are required for different types of vehicles.

    Parking and Oversnow Taxi

    Overnight parking is located 1.5km below the Village. At the car park you will be met by an attendant who will advise you where to park.

    Overnight parking pricing for 2017 is $14 per night on midweek nights (Sunday to Thursday inclusive) and $27.50 per night on Saturday and Sunday nights. 

    Once you have parked your car, you will transfer your luggage to oversnow taxis which take you straight to your accommodation in Mt Buller Village. Note: only authorised vehicles are permitted to drive into Mt Buller Village. 

    Taxi service operates from – 7am till midnight (Sun – Thurs), 7am till 3am (Fri), 7am till 2am (Sat). For more information and bookings call (03) 5777 6070.

    Oversnow taxi pricing for 2017 is $23 per adult, one way and $15 per child, one way

    Handy Hints

    • When you are leaving Mt Buller car park, ensure all snow is cleared from your vehicle – fines and demerits apply for driving with snow on the roof of your vehicle, as this is a hazard for  a number of reasons
    • Before you leave home, ensure your vehicle has anti-freeze and that windscreen wipers, demisters and battery are in good working order
    • Different vehicles require different types/sizes of chains. Ensure you have the right type for your vehicle by researching and hiring from appropriate sources
    • Diesel fuel contains paraffin which can solidify in temperatures below 0 degrees – Alpine Diesel is available at most service stations in the alpine region to prevent this when you arrive in Mt Buller
    • When parking, don’t leave your handbrake engaged as moisture in the mechanism can freeze and cause the handbrake to become stuck in the engaged position. It is also a good idea to lift your windscreen wipers when leaving the vehicle for an extended period so they don’t freeze to the glass

    Your guide to getting around Mt Buller including a village map with restaurants, contact numbers and accommodation. This page includes a lift and trail map for you to print off and bring with you


    Cross Country Skiing

    Cross-country skiing provides a great physical workout and is suitable for people of all ages and abilities. While Mt Buller is renowned for its downhill slopes, we also have 9km of cross-country trails that circle around the back of the Village. The trails are easy to access and offer spectacular views of Mt Stirling and the Bluff. Cross-country skis are available for hire from several on-mountain outlets including Arlberg Ski Hire and Buller Sports.

    Figgles (Skiboards)

    Figgles (also known as Skiboards) are short shaped skis which are typically 80-130cm long and are a great alternative to regular skiing. They use traditional bindings, so you can use your own ski boots with them. Figgles are used without poles, and are easily maneuvered, allowing you to add a new dimension of freedom to your skiing. Figgles are available from Buller Sports, Duck Inn, George's Ski Hire and Grimus Ski Hire.

    Night Skiing

    Ski and snowboard under the stars every Wednesday and Saturday* from mid July and through August on Mt Buller's popular Bourke Street run. When the sun goes down, the lights come on allowing for night skiing between 7pm and 10pm.


    Donning a pair of snowshoes is the perfect way to explore the winter wonderland that is Mt Buller. Suitable for all ages, snowshoeing is as easy as walking. Whether you want to trek to the summit to watch a glorious sunset or explore the Mt Buller backcountry playground with deep snow among the trees, you’ll discover a side of the mountain you haven't seen before. Snowshoes can be hired from one of the many on-mountain rental outlets - grab a pair and take yourself on a walk, or take a guided tour to really experience the mountain's hidden secrets.


    Snowtubing is fabulous fun for the whole family and is a perfect activity if you don’t quite feel like taking to the slopes on a ski or board. Sit or lie in an over-sized inflated rubber tube and feel the adrenaline rush as you spin you way down the channels of the snowtubing park! Located near Spur’s Cafe, snowtubing is FREE with a valid sightseeing pass. Take the Horse Hill Chairlift from the Horse Hill Carpark or walk across from the top of Blue Bullet Chairlift and you’ll find the snowtubing lanes near the Spurs T-bar.


    Families with kids of all ages love the exhilarating experience of tobogganing! Mt Buller has two designated toboggan areas - one located in the day car park next to Celia's Kiosk and the other next to the Post Office in the Village. Toboggans are available for hire from most on-mountain rental outlets.
    Please note the following points for your safety whilst tobogganing:
    • Only use plastic mounted toboggans, approved by the ARMB (toboggans with pointed ends and over 2.5kg are not acceptable)
    • Do not have more than one person on the toboggan at any one time
    • Do not form toboggan trains (linking people on other toboggans)
    • Do not stand up whilst tobogganing
    • Always remain in control of toboggan and steer to avoid contact with other users of the area
    • Walk up the side of the slope to avoid collision

    Alpine Museum

    Mt Buller has had a fascinating history, being transformed from a cattleman’s run into Australia’s premier alpine resort. Learn about the mountain's original characters and marvel at an eclectic collection of ski memorabilia at the National Alpine Museum. The Museum not only details Buller’s journey but the development of Australia’s entire alpine history, with hundreds of fascinating artifacts telling the story of evolution of the Victorian ski fields. The museum showcases wooden skis & sleds, leather boots, through to snowboards from the late 80s. It also features a variety of photographs, snowmobiles, clothing, badges, publications, maps and lift equipment. Museum displays are constantly changing with special exhibitions held during winter season.

    Alpine Spa Retreat

    Breathtaker On High's concept and design is based on the embodiment of the four elements: fire, water, earth and air. The result being the fifth element: the Quinta Essentia. Avail yourself and rejuvenate, relax and indulge in this luxurious haven of renewal. Soak in hot pools, revive under water jets and renew in warm steam. Take advantage of spa packages, be massaged, soothed and nurtured by skilled therapists in this unique and tranquil environment. Our spa therapists will restore your skin and body to optimum health. We combine expert advice with exceptional skin care and body therapy. Our goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction combined with ultimate relaxation.

    Arts and Artifacts

    Mt Buller has a rich and varied history that reflects the mountain's evolution from a cattleman's run into a mature alpine resort Throughout the Mt Buller Village, statues, sculptures and artworks can be found which demonstrate the rich history of the area and portray the artistic achievements of local artists. Drop into the Post Office or Clock Tower to collect your copy of the Arts & Artifacts Brochure, which takes you on a self-guided tour of these amazing pieces of culture. The beautifully designed brochure details each work and it's location, as well as giving you some history on the piece and the artist.


    The latest releases are screened every evening throughout the season in Mt Buller's 180 seat cinema - the highest movie cinema in Australia. Usually two movies a night are screened. The Mt Buller Cinema is a great place to cosy up and relax. There's a great little kiosk stocked with chocolates and snacks to get you through your movie and Cinema Club membership is available which allows you into any movie, any time, all season.  The cinema is located within the Buller Community Centre - look out for the sign on street level right next to the post office and head down the stairs.

    Gnome Roam

    Come and take a walk with Mt Buller's little folk! The Mt Buller Gnome Roam takes visitors on a self-guided tour of the mystical gnome world of the mountain village where they will catch a glimpse of resident Mt Buller gnomes, learn about their favourite places to play as well as some interesting facts about the gnome way of life. Visitors can collect a Mt Buller Gnome Roam booklet from the Mt Buller Post Office or Clock Tower to guide them through the Roam. The booklet, which makes a perfect keepsake, contains an intricately designed map and beautiful photos of Mt Buller Gnome folk. A further bonus is the gnome stickers available at the Post Office as a reward for completing the Roam. On your way up the mountain, you can also stop in at the Gnome Home for a visit. Located about 3km up the Mt Buller Tourist Rd, keep an eye out for the Gnome Crossing sign and just past that you will find the Gnome Home, in a majestic Mountain Ash tree.

    Indoor Rock Climbing

    Indoor rock climbing sessions are conducted by Australian Alpine Institute staff, who can tailor the session to suit your individual or group needs. No experience is necessary, however you must be of moderate fitness. This activity is offered in the Sports Halls, which is located on Level 2 of the Buller Community Centre Building - either take the stairs or the lift to Level One reception to book your spot. There are signs to direct you.

    Laser Strike

    Here at Mt Buller we have another fun and exciting activity to our already-extensive range of activities both on and off the snow. Every day during the July school holidays participants will do battle in an amazing inflatable city, where teams go head to head in a fast and furious urban combat. Located at the huge indoor sports hall inside the Buller Community Centre, Laser Strike can be played by anyone over the age of seven, and is safe, fun and something totally unique for a snow resort.

    Scenic Helicopter Flights

    Take a scenic helicopter flight and enjoy spectactular views of Mt Buller, Mt Stirling and the stunning vistas of the High Country.

    • 23.29o
    Description: Clear Sky
    Humidity: 74%
    Pressure: 938.43 hpa
    Wind: 1.12 m/s
    Geo coords